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7 Reasons the NHL is Superior to the NBA

In light of the two semi-final game sevens in the NHL, I give you seven reasons why the NHL is superior to the NBA:

  1. The playoffs are much less predictable in the NHL.
  2. NBA players are afraid of getting dunked on. NHL players are unafraid of throwing themselves in front of a hundred mile an hour slap shot.
  3. Nobody ever refers to NHL players by their first name only.
  4. NHL teams don’t call time outs every twelve seconds in the last two minutes of the game.
  5. Every single team that have ever lost a playoff series in the NHL has always lined up to shake hands with the winning team. That is not the case in the NBA.
  6. The NHL doesn’t take a week off between playoff series.
  7. NHL coaches don’t get fired for working their players too hard in practice and giving their best players too much ice time.