A Ranking of the Top #nlpoli Twitter Accounts

  1. David Cochrane (@CochraneCBCNL)

The highest profile political affairs reporter in the province and one of, if not the most, well connected. An important caveat here is that I like football and have young children, so I don’t mind that 40% of his tweets are about football and kids. If you hate football (the real football, not the kind where all the players kick the ball with their feet) and/or children, then you might want to avoid this feed. For such a high profile personality, Cochrane is quite interactive with his followers, and is also surprisingly, and sometimes comically, eager to gobble up the bait from trolling followers. If you want to interact with a local TV personality, just tweet him something about how his favourite football team is full of domestic abusers or call him a shill for the Liberals or the PCs, or better yet, NL Hydro, and you are sure to get a response. His place at the top of this list was secured when he recently finished off a back and forth with Con O’Brien by telling him that the Rattlin Bog sucked. We need more of that from political analysts.

  1. Mark Critch (@markcritch)

The long-time comedian has recently started doing political commentary for the CBC and has become a fresher, funnier version of Scott Feshuk. Macleans should hire him.  Though I suspect all employees of the CBC despise Stephen Harper his tweets generally don’t display any bias towards any particular party; just against Paul Calandra, who he considers a tool. His CBC columns, though meant to be funny, generally make some intelligent points.

  1. Paddy Daly (@VOCMOpenline)

About half of his tweets are about how much he detests his twitter followers, so try not take it personally. His tweets often have no context whatsoever as he is tweeting as if his followers are standing next to him, which is strange since he doesn’t appear to like his followers, so be prepared for odd “ugh”, or “terrible”, with absolutely no follow-up. You do get some good candid and feisty tweets on this feed, and for those who dislike mindless partisans, he isn’t just non-partisan, but generally sends a half dozen tweets a day reminding everyone how pathetic he considers these people.

  1. James McLeod (@TelegramJames)

Imagine a Globe and Mail columnist from Toronto moving to St. John’s and tweeting fifty times a day about provincial affairs and you have this twitter feed. Of all the local reporters who are not from here, he is the most obviously not from here. Intelligent and sometimes slightly snarky tweets. Produces a respectable amount of exclusive interviews with politicians, news coverage, and columns. If you hate baseball, you might want to wait until November to follow him.

  1. Dan MacEachern (@DanMacEachern)

Full-time municipal affairs reporter for the Telegram and occasional pan-handler. Lively feed with some candid and intelligent opinions but handicapped by having to cover the St. John’s city council, which has become shamefully boring since Andy Wells stepped down as mayor. Who would have thought back when John Murphy, Andy Wells, and Shannie Duff were on council that we’d ever live to see a day when Toronto had more interesting municipal politics. When Dennis O’Keefe’s rein of blandness finally comes to an end and the city gets the lunatic mayor it rightly deserves this will probably become the top political feed out there.

  1. Anthony Germain (@AnthonyGermain)

A healthy dose of political coverage mixed in with the usual morning show general interest stories. Though he’s generally cheerful on the radio or filling in on the evening news, he has a surprisingly sharp edge to him on Twitter, and unlike most of the other prominent TV and Radio personalities is not hesitant to go after politicians directly. He’s gotten a number of sharp elbowed exchanges with local bloggers and politicians.

  1. Peter Cowan (@PeterCBC)

Political reporter who is the primary on the ground CBC rep for most political events. Provides the most up close coverage of political happenings but not a lot of exclusives or anonymously sourced political gossip. He is not from the province and when he first came here he was in Goose Bay, so he has not had a lot of time to build a network of sources around the Confederation building. That will likely change in the coming years. Injects plenty of personality in his tweets but avoids anything controversial. No doubt he is trying to stay out of trouble as he positions himself to take David Cochrane’s job once he gets promoted to the national CBC.

  1. Fred Hutton (@Fred_Hutton)

Has been in the local news for decades and is as well connected as anyone, so he’ll break some news and get the interviews with all the politicians. If you want to focus on politics then disable his retweets as he’ll retweet most everything from the VOCM Twitter feed. A little too professional for my tastes as he never injects any personal opinions in his tweets. It’s great that he’s not biased but a dash of personal opinion would help. Would love to see him pick a fight with a local politician sometime.




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